Well, I’m Back…

December 30, 2013

Back from Ireland and MoreA holiday, especially a long holiday filled with travel to new places and meeting new people (in moderation) is always a double-edged sort of pleasure.  It’s exciting, fun, and educational.  It’s relaxing, especially when I can totally unplug from work and common responsibilities and just let it all hang loose for a couple of weeks.

But on the other side, there’s always the return.  The world doesn’t pause in place while you’re away.  Issues don’t (usually) resolve themselves.  Deadlines are still taking up space on the calendar.  And all the old conflicts set aside are waiting to be picked up again.  All I can generally hope for is to come back to it all with freshened eyes and a renewed perspective.

The Hog Blog isn’t that much of a labor or stress.  I do it when the mood strikes me, which is fairly regular, and I let it sit when I don’t want to deal with it.  Nevertheless, there are still the little things… like reviewing the “Pending” messages in the comments folder.  I have a pretty lax setting on the comments here, because I personally hate having to jump through hoops just to post up a few words to a blogger.  I don’t want to put those of you who are gracious enough to post a comment or feedback through that aggravation.  But I cleaned out that file last Friday and there were almost 400 SPAM comments.  I just cleaned it out again this morning, and it was back up to 347.

So, two things… first, if you are new here and posted a comment while I was away, it may have been deleted in the purge.  I simply don’t have the temperamental bandwidth to read through hundreds of comments to find the one or two real ones.  Nothing personal, and if you must blame someone, blame the spammers for jamming up my box with that crap.

Secondly, I hate to do it, but look for some changes in the comment policy over the coming days.  I’ve dealt with this stuff manually for as long as I can stand it.  I’m going to have to put some verification on the comments, which means that you’ll have to complete one of those stupid “prove you’re a human” fields in order to leave a note.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

All that aside, I hope everyone had a great holiday with friends and loved ones.  I also hope you each spared a thought for our service men and women who couldn’t be home for the holidays.  Here’s to a great new year, as 2013 is about to roll out and 2014 brings all the promise of 12 new months of opportunities.  Let’s make the best of it!



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