Well Hello There. My It’s Been A Long, Long Time

July 29, 2013

OK, so not that long in real world terms, but a week on the Interwebz… ain’t it funny, how time slips away!

Not an awful lot going on here anyway.  It’s too hot here in TX to get out and do much… or to even think about hunting.  Hell, by the time I climb up the hill to retrieve my arrows from the target out back, I need a shower.  I spent last week in Spokane, and even way up there the heat was oppressive (although at least it was a dry heat).

It’s been a good time for watching TV, and I had a chance to catch up a little on hunting shows over the weekend.  There are a couple of things that stood out to me from the brief sample:

  1. The imaginations of outdoor gear manufacturers are still running wide open, and it’s a guarantee that the 2013-2014 season will bring a glut of new stuff for hunters to purchase and haul into the field.  This includes things like the Firefly, wind direction detector.  Even Kat picked up on this one and questioned, “what’s wrong, hunters don’t know how to wet their finger to see which way the wind blows?”  Another product is an elasticized netting to put over the top of your ground blind, advertised as “the only way to add natural foliage to your blind!”
  2. I’m sick of hearing about how you need a rifle (or in this case, a muzzleloader) that can reach into the next zip code to kill a deer.  Folks, look… if other people regularly, and successfully bowhunt for the same species in the same area (e.g. Colorado elk or Kansas whitetails), then the argument that “sometimes all you get is a long shot” is pretty much moot.  This is amplified on the TV networks, because you’ll have back-to-back episodes in which one hunter kills a bruiser whitetail at 18 yards with a bow, while the next hunter is plugging away at over 250 yards with a “muzzleloader”.  I’ve got no problem with using a rifle to shoot animals outside of archery range, but let’s be honest about it… it’s certainly not “the only shot you’re going to get,”  especially on these carefully managed hunting properties on which many of these shows are filmed.
  3. I was happy to see at least a couple of programs with a focus on conservation, including one from the Boone and Crockett organization.  I’ll always have a tough time assigning credibility to any organization that publishes a trophy record book, I’ve got to say the message was reasonably good.  The hunter/personality, Shane Mahoney, kept talking about how he “hunts the experience, not the animals”, and in the epsiode appeared to go out of his way to shoot a young, small buck, despite the fact that a “trophy” animal was available.  I couldn’t help thinking how stilted the whole thing came off, but still… it’s TV.  You can only expect so much.

There was more, both good and bad, but I didn’t set out to write a review when I put the TV on, so I didn’t really take notes or pay close attention.

So anyway, I’ll try get things flowing again this week.  I’m heading back to Spokane at the end of the week… maybe I’ll take a run at the Post Falls, Idaho Cabela’s while I’m up there.  That’s always good for some inspiration.


3 Responses to “Well Hello There. My It’s Been A Long, Long Time”

  1. The Suburban Bushwacker on July 29th, 2013 23:48

    After watching a few of these shows on youtube, I’ve come to the conclusion that all the people in ‘hunting marketing’ must be drop-outs from golf marketing, Distance, and Power repeated ad nauseum. Its that aggressive music i really loathe, it sounds well enough with fast cars and bikes, better still with skateboards and small bicycles, but for me hunting in a more ponderous activity. Also why are bows always called things like violator and rapist? What’s that about?


  2. Phillip on July 30th, 2013 08:19

    SBW, it’s a marketing machine run amock, there’s no question. The short-attention-span generation is the new target demographic, which is pretty ironic when it comes to a sport like hunting where it’s supposed to be all about patience and restraint.

    I keep hoping the uber-violent, zombie phase is dying out, and it looks like it may finally be happening. Maybe it’s just me, but it looks like the trend in product names may finally be taking a less agressive turn. Unfortunately, with the number of “young turks” in the outdoor TV industry, we can probably expect more high-energy soundtrack music and short edits over time. However, it does look like this new “hipness” of the outdoors is driving more of a conversation about eating the kill, as well as highlighting (occasionally) the conservation aspects. Media is an interesting mirror of trends, although it’s too often presented through the filter of what marketers want us to see.

    All that said… I’m battling a major hunting jones right now, so vicarious is the best I can ask for in this Texas summer heat.

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