The Thunderchickens Are Gobbling!

March 14, 2013

When I go out to feed Iggy, the wonder dawg in the morning, we hear them.  I stroll out to check the fences, and I hear them.  Celebrating the sunset out on the porch, we hear them.

The turkeys are getting fired up, and even though everyone out here is praying for rain, the big birds are starting to really strut and preen in the fields and pastures.  I’ve been watching our local flock, and it looks like the big boys are just now getting into the swing of things.  There’s been a little posturing and some sparring as the hormones and instincts start to meld together into that big, orgy of idiocy that marks the turkey breeding season.  At this rate, it won’t be more than a few days before the all-out battles are joined, toms are driven off by bigger toms, and the birds lose almost all their common sense. 

Fortunately, it looks like the madness will correspond to the turkey season opener here in Edwards County, on March 16.  I’ve already got one picked out, although Kat is making noise like she’d like to shoot one this year too.  I think she still wants vengeance after that California tom called her a “dork” right to her face, before flying off across a ravine and out of sight. 

 My fingers are crossed that the birds don’t disappear into thin air like they did on the season opener last year.


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