The Swine Invasion – Updates From Georgia

July 30, 2012

Just browsing YouTube for interesting videos, and saw the latest update from Rod Pinkston and the guys of JagerPro.  Some of you who’ve been around the blog a while may remember that JagerPro is the group of guys who specialize in hog eradication, particularly night time hunting with high-end night vision and AR-platform rifles.  I had the chance to join them last fall for a couple of nights to see their operation first hand, and to try out some of Winchester’s RazorBack XT ammo.  (I wrote about this on the old site, and as far as I know it’s still available if you’re interested.)

At any rate, I’ve been following JagerPro on the web, and through their email updates.  While I got a kick out of the hunting (even though we had very limited success), I was really intrigued by Pinkston’s approach to trapping.  Since the company is composed of former US Army guys, it should come as no surprise that they call the system “M.I.N.E.”, which is an acronym for Manually Initiated Nuisance Elimination.  It’s a system I’d like to employ one day, if the opportunity to do some local eradication comes my way down here.

Pinkston has also become something of a celebrity in his field, partly because of his first-hand expertise in hog control efforts, and partly because JagerPro offers guided depredation hunts using the military-grade technology (serious cool factor).  He’s been featured on several hunting television shows, and is also a go-to guy for the news media when they want to talk to someone about the feral hog problem.  The quality of some of the resulting newscasts and articles has varied, but this new set from WALB News was pretty well done (despite a slightly overblown sense of drama).  I thought it was worth sharing.


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