Tejon Opens Up To Hunters Again

August 27, 2012

Back in January, the Tejon Ranch in California temporarily closed its gates to all hunting activity.  There were a couple of reasons for the closure, but chief among them was the need to reevaluate the hunting program after allegations of illegal hunting activity (mountain lions) by key members of the ranch staff.  Somehow, that translated into suggestions that all of the members and other hunters at Tejon Ranch might be conducting illegal activities as well, and the CA DFG determined that they needed to investigate.

Anyway, I was holding out hope that Tejon would reinstate the hunting program before I moved away.  Unfortunately, my timing sucks.  Two weeks after I made my final move, they allowed some private groups to get back on the ranch to hunt.  One of my friends from prior hunts was on the short list for the limited opening, and along with his wife and eight other friends, they had an epic experience.  Here’s a note I recently got from Dave, along with a couple of photos from their trip.

We had a phenomenal hunt on the Tejon Ranch recently.  They are in a “soft re-opening” phase and I was one of the lucky, long time customers that they called to get in on an early hunt.

My group consisted of 10, all archery hunters. We were set up on the north end out of the Vaquero cabin.  The cabin is newly remodeled and is very nice.  The guys did an outstanding job on it while the ranch was closed.  We were fortunate to have Steven Ryan and his brother Jake there to help out with our group.  We ended up with 8 pigs taken for our 10 hunters.  The 2 that were unsuccessful had their opportunities, but just couldn’t make it happen.


I don’t care where you are hunting, going 8 for 10 on a 2 day archery hunt is fantastic!  We saw more hogs than I’ve ever seen throughout the ranch, as one would expect after having the ranch closed for about 8 months.  The amounts of piglets and wieners were amazing also.  Like always, my wife and I already can’t wait to get back up there!


So there it is!   8 for 10 on an archery hunt!  Great work to all who participated.  As I’d expected, after the ranch was closed for the better part of the year, the hogs have run rampant… a hog hunter’s dream!

Dave did say that several things have changed.  For one, all of the semi-guided hunts, like his, will be conducted on the North side of the ranch.  No surprise there, since the South side is the location of a hotly contested development plan, including trophy homes and golf courses.  It looks like they’ll use this area for more of the “exclusive” type hunts in the future.  The ranch will still be doing the membership plans, although that will be impacted by the area available to hunt (the North side is still huge and very productive).

I’ve sent several emails and a couple of phone messages to the Ranch, but I just don’t seem to have the access there that I once did and I haven’t received any replies.  If you’d like to learn more about the new programs, you can find the information on the Tejon website.  For information on booking a private, semi-guided hunt, it looks like you’ll need to contact the ranch directly.

So there it is.  I was pretty unhappy with the Tejon management when they shut the gates this winter, but the fact is that this ranch is still one of my favorite hunting sites.  If you’ve never experienced it, you should.  And if you have, then you already know what I’m talking about.




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