South Carolina Whitetail Hunt Success – I’m Not Jealous, Not A Bit

August 26, 2013

So while I’m hanging out down here watching the deer browse the persimmon trees along my fenceline, some folks are well into their deer seasons.  My friends in CA have been after ’em since July, and the South Carolina season just opened a week or so ago.  I’m biding my time, shooting the bow, working on my tree stand, and holding tight until the end of September.  But it ain’t easy.

Last week, I was talking to my little brother, Scott, and he mentioned that one of his hunting buddies had been after him to get down to SC again this year for the early season.  “Oh, I’m probably not going,” he said, sensing my jealousy.  “I already got a great velvet buck.  I don’t need another one.”

Scott's SC BuckSo, of course, imagine my surprise when his wife posts up that he’s gone to SC on her Facebook page.

I was less surprised a couple of days later, when she posted pictures of his succes.

Dammit, boy!  You’re running out of trophy room!


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