Short SHOT Show 2014 Update -A Stunning New Product

January 15, 2014

Every year, there are unexpected products revealed at SHOT. I’m sitting here in this press conference, surrounded by luminaries from throughout the hook-n-bullet media waiting as the Black Steel company is speechifying about their latest product, the tactical anvil!

Why tactical?

Well, any red-blooded gun owner who’s ever had to pound the dents out of an action or straighten a crooked barrel knows you need a good anvil on hand. Just beating it on the table will never do, and using the driveway only turns your concrete to gravel.

But what happens when you’re down to your last bullet and the zombies are still coming? Sure, you could beat them with your gunstock… until it snaps over an undead head. And then what?

The new, tactical anvil comes complete with a heavy lanyard for swinging the tool over your head. With the proper arc, you can take out zombies from up to 15 feet away… or keep the swing short and just mow them down as they come at you in moaning waves.

The anvil also has rails (of course it has rails) for mounting various accessories, such as the new muzzle-straightener rod, green laser light systems, or Black Steel’s patented, razor-sharp anvil-bayonet.

It’s good stuff, and easy to see why there’s so much excitement here at the SHOT Show this year.

(Oh, and the anvil is just the thing for pesky road runners!  Stay tuned, for updates on REAL products from 2014 SHOT.)


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