Porcine Press – Hog Repellent Special Edition

January 8, 2016

It’s the best headline I could come up with on relatively short notice.

In a few states around the country, feral hogs are not only a “threat”, but a real problem for farmers.  Texas, Florida, Louisiana, California…  millions of dollars of crop and property damage are happening every year, and both government and private sector “experts” are trying to find solutions.  Shooting doesn’t help on a big scale, because it just moves the hogs away.  Trapping can be good, but it’s not widespread enough to make the sort of impact that’s required.  And research is still being done on poisons.

Sometimes, though, the solution comes from unexpected quarters.  For example… high schoolers…

We’re not the only country dealing with wild and feral hogs.  Japan is too, but there may be an innovative (and economical) solution right at our latex fingertips.  Like this…



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