Packing Up And Heading Back To CA… One More Time

March 30, 2012

OK, probably several more times before I’m all done.  But it’s that sad time, when I have to pack up all my crap and hit the road back to CA.  Work and other responsibilities call, and as much as I’m ready to drop the anchor and lay up in this harbor for good, I’ve got to tend to business.

Spring sprang while I was here, and some of it has already passed by.  In this climate, native plants tend to flower fast, taking advantage of water when they can get it.  One of the lingerers is this prairie verbena, which is pretty much my whole lawn when it rains.  Pretty little things.

The bird life has come on full strength here too, and I can see why the Hill Country is such a birders’ paradise.  I’ve seen flocks of sandhill cranes (way up there…heading north), all sorts of small birds, humming birds, cardinals (one of my favorites), and a handful of eurasian collared doves.

The collared doves are non-native invasives, and there’s no season or limit on them here in TX.  I’ll probably be eating some of them on future visits.  While most of them are the standard, large, noisy birds, there was this one visitor that popped in the other morning.  Not an albino, as there it wasn’t completely white… but more like a “smoke phase” turkey, very pale grey. 

It’s been a great trip this time, and with three full weeks (and two solid weekends) to get stuff done, I was able to accomplish a pretty good bit.  Managed to do some more juniper clearing (I guess I need to break down and call it cedar, like everyone else around here), burned off several big brush piles, and did some stuff around the house.  The pasture is about ready for the horses, although I’ll probably wait to bring them after the worst of the summer is over.

Still no hunting here.  I’d planned to get after turkeys, but had some issues with the Benjamin (my fault, mostly), and never got to it.  I have a guy who’s offered to let me come shoot an axis as well, but I need some place to store the meat.  The freezer is still in CA.  I may well be bringing that down on my next visit.

Anyway, next time I write, I’ll probably be back in the SF Bay Area.  Until then…


One Response to “Packing Up And Heading Back To CA… One More Time”

  1. Greg C on April 2nd, 2012 11:21

    That was a very interesting story… It’s like a battle of conscience that every hunter goes through on their first hunt. While I believe that feral pigs are highly destructive, and need to be managed, I could not take the shot on a nursing sow.

    Thanks Phillip for altering my mind this morning! J/K I’m going to add you to my blogroll on

    You have great articles!