News From Hillside Manor – Nothing New To Report

April 23, 2012

Well, that’s not completely true.

First of all, the turkeys have disappeared.  I heard a gobble way off in the distance the other morning, and that’s been just about it.  I tried a little calling, hoping I could at least get a hen to answer, but it was for naught.

That doesn’t mean the Marauder is sitting idle.  The area is lousy with invasive, eurasian collared doves.  According to the TX regulations, there’s no season and no limit.  I’ll be dining on dove before this week is out.

Speaking of shooting birds, Iggy is coming along great.  I’ve been taking him down to swim in the Nueces river, and after a fairly slow start, he’s really taken to it.  Of course being a black lab in this 90-degree heat, I expect he’s doing it as much for relief as for fun.  I know it felt good when I jumped in with him!

The weekend work was largely about maintenance.  Since I got the fences up, the neighbor’s goats can’t get in.  As a result, the yard and part of the pasture have grown up wild.  With the exception of a buffer zone for the fireflies, I’ve been mowing and trimming to get it back under control.  The elephants and lions no longer have any place to hide, and have evacuated to parts unknown.


2 Responses to “News From Hillside Manor – Nothing New To Report”

  1. Bruce Cherry on April 23rd, 2012 21:19


    The Eurasian collared doves—how do they compare size-wize with a whitewing or a regular dove in CA? That would be a great hunt and a great BBQ. Also, is the Nueces R limestone or sandstone? Looks crystal clear and has that kind of bottom.

    Wild turkeys in our yard now. Mating season, some hens with little ones, big toms attacking me when I go get the paper in the morning. Season is over and we enjoy having them around, so they’re safe.

    Enjoy your blog immensely and hope to make it out your way soon. My sister-in-law and her husband live in Bulverde. How far is that from you?


  2. Phillip on April 24th, 2012 09:30

    The collared doves are a little bigger than mourning doves, Bruce, but not as big as a pigeon. They taste exactly the same, and you’re right, it would be a fun little hunt to bag a pile of them and throw down a cookout. My friend, Hank Shaw does a really great thing with whole birds over the grill that is really unforgettable.

    Most of the Hill Country rivers are limestone, as this was once the drainage for a big chunk of the North American plate. You’ll find all sorts of rock here, though, and a geologist would have a field day (I think). But yeah, the rivers are generally crystal clear, except where they slow down enough to leech tannins out of the shoreline trees.

    Dang turkeys always seem to know when it’s safe, huh? I also enjoy just watching them (and all wildlife), so I’m glad they’re around.

    Bulverde is up above San Antonio, and it looks like about two and a half hours or so on the map. Haven’t been there yet, so I can’t say for sure. It would probably make for a great base camp if you wanted to strike out for here and maybe stay a weekend. You’d be welcome at Hillside Manor, or there are a ton of wonderful little campgrounds and cabin parks along the rivers here. Or, if time is a little more pressing, we can always meet up in Luckenbach for a beer and BBQ!