Hog Blog Gear Review – New Firearms Guide DVD

May 22, 2013

I just got the latest from my friends at Impressum Media, the producers of The Firearms Guide Firearms Guide v4DVDs.

Every year, I kind of wonder what in the world they can do to improve this incredible firearms reference guide.  It already has tens of thousands of firearms, conversion charts to help international hunters match up European calibers with US equivalents, printable targets, and so much more.  But they’ve done it.  Not only have they continued to expand the listings of conventional guns, including printable schematics, but they’ve now added an extensive listing of military firearms, historic and modern.  As a minor war history buff, I found the listings of military firearms to be pretty danged  cool.

As I clicked through the DVD, I was quickly overwhelmed with the amount of information it provides.  Simple browsing can be fun, but sometimes you want to be very specific.  No problem.  Because the whole guide is built on a database engine, you can search based on a wide variety of keywords, from action type, to manufacturer, to available calibers, and much more.  There is even a FFL dealer reference.

Powder-burning firearms are not the only guns included, as the Guide covers a variety of air rifles and pistols.  And, not only does the reference cover firearms, but there is also an extensive listing of ammunition, from antique through 21st Century high-tech.

There’s simply an insane amount of information packed into this single DVD, which is available for both Mac and PC platforms.

Who would use something like this?  Let’s see.  There would be:

  • Gun enthusiasts
  • Collectors
  • Gunsmiths
  • Gun dealers
  • Gun writers
  • Journalists (this should be a required reference for every news desk)
  • Authors who want authenticity and accuracy
  • Hobbyists
  • Hunters

The DVD is available now at:  Retail price is $39.95.


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