More Stuff During The Doldrums… Ammo Shortages And Giant Hogs

February 13, 2013

After straining to make up some sort of content yesterday, a few things floated through my inbox, or across my Facebook screen that caught my interest. I figured a couple of these would be worth sharing.

First of all, a lot of folks have been talking about ammo shortages again. This isn’t really a new thing, as some of you may remember the runs on ammo about four years ago. Whatever else you may say about President Obama (and please, this is not an invitation to say whatever else you may want to about Obama, Bush, or any other political figure), his two terms have been an absolute bonanza for the firearms industry. Guns and ammo have been selling faster than the factories can supply them, and, as a result, the stores are sporting empty shelves. Orders are going unfilled, all the way back to the factories.

Of course there are other factors, including limited supplies of raw materials like copper, brass, and even lead. But the bottom line is that it’s getting tough to find certain kinds of ammunition. It’s also boiling down to all sorts of speculation, rumor, and outright conspiracy theory. It’s so bad, in fact, that Hornady felt the need to speak up in a public notice on their website.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see similar statements from other manufacturers as this goes on.

The thing is, if you’re running low on ammo, I’d advise you to go ahead and get it now.  If you have to backorder, it may be a while.  It would be a shame to miss a big hunt or a shooting event just because you let yourself run low on bullets. 

In other, utterly unrelated news, I just saw this over at Rex’s Deer Camp blog

Prehistoric monster boar!

It appears that rumors of giant boar hogs in the area may be the result of some strange experiments conducted by previous occupants of the Famous Christmas Place Plantation, which is now the treasured hunting grounds of Rex and his family.  We’d heard for years of the near-mythical “Thunderhoof” roaming the property, and now these hogs… bigger than a horse and mean as a one-eyed wolverine with a toothache… makes one wonder if it’s even safe to go into the state of Mississippi, much less try to spell it out loud, three times fast.

There are rumors that I might be bound to the old, Magnolia State in the near future, in search of these massive, man-eating pork chops.  I don’t know yet if it’s true, but I get the feeling that I might want to bring a bigger gun.  Anybody have good load data for the 120mm howitzer?


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