Monday Musing On A Tuesday

January 21, 2014

Road Runner on the prowlWell, it may not be me, but someone is always hunting something around the Hillside Manor.

Whitetail season wrapped up over the weekend, and while I briefly considered slipping back out with the bow, I decided instead to use the downtime to get some work done out in the barn.  I have as much venison as we’ll need this year, and really want to leave a little freezer space in case I get a shot at some hogs.  It’s been a while since I had fresh pork, and I’m seriously starting to jones.

I stopped by the smokehouse this weekend to see how Carl is making out.  He’s hired a couple of new guys, so he hasn’t really needed my help in the skinning shed.  Part of me misses it, but the rest of me is OK with having my weekends free again.

Anyway, I was chatting about the deer that came in over the closing weekend.  In our area, the season for whitetail bucks ended on January 5, but hunters could still take does and spike bucks until the 18th.  A lot of hunters use this opportunity to fill out their tags and put meat in the freezer.  But apparently, some can’t read the regs too well, as I heard a couple of guys tried to bring in a four-point and an eight-point for processing on Sunday (the 18th).  I do hope Carl got in touch with the game warden.

And the week winds on…

I’ve got a stack of business cards sitting on my desk, and I need to start sending emails to follow up on SHOT Show contacts.  I had several promises of ammo to try out, and a few other opportunities for product reviews.  I was sort of remiss on product coverage most of last year (partly because I missed the 2013 SHOT Show), and I plan to make that up over the coming months.

For anyone who is new here, note that my product reviews are always “real world” reviews.  I don’t have some lab where I do stuff like test light transmission through optics or sample knife steel hardness.  I take stuff into the field and make it do what it’s supposed to do.  If it works, that’s awesome and you’ll hear about it.  If it doesn’t… well, that’s not awesome, but you’ll still hear about it.  I don’t get paid for this, and I’m not under any sort of contract or constraint to paint a rosy picture.  However, it’s also worth note that I won’t review anything if I don’t think it’ll pass muster in the first place.  Ridiculous gimmicks or cheap knock-offs need not apply.

So, back at it.  Many a mile to go before I rest and all that.



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