Monday, Monday…

January 27, 2014

What kind of Monday would it be if I had something worth while to write about?

And Monday is almost over, and I nearly missed the opportunity to say… well… to say very little.  That’s Monday.

But for what it’s worth, things are shaping up for the coming months.  Heck, I’ve got travel to Spokane next week.  That’s something, right?  And heck, the office is only five minutes from Cabela’s in Post Falls, ID.  That’s sort of like a hunting trip, if a hunting trip doesn’t require actually hunting… or live animals… or getting outdoors.  At least there’s guns and gear.

On the other hand, I just spoke to my friend Rick, at Dark Timber Lodge, and set the wheels in motion for an elk hunt in September.  I made the decision back in the fall that 2014 would see me on an elk hunt, or I’d die trying (or something else would come up… but let’s not focus on that right now.)  Planning the elk hunt got me stoked enough to pull the bow down and sling a bunch of arrows into the back yard.  Some of them even hit the targets I have scattered at various ranges from 20 to 45 yards.

But when I got done, it was still Monday.





3 Responses to “Monday, Monday…”

  1. Monday, Monday… | on January 28th, 2014 01:09

    […] Monday, Monday… […]

  2. Chirohunter on January 28th, 2014 01:23

    Writing in your blog, planning an elk hunt, slinging some arrows……sounds like a pretty good Monday if you ask me! It’s great to see you are living the dream, Speckmisser! We miss you back here in Norcal.

  3. Phillip on January 28th, 2014 06:26

    I’ll be damned! Good to hear from you, Steve. Was starting to think you’d dropped off the face of the earth or something.

    And yeah, as Mondays go it could have been worse.