Lead Ban Chronicles – Getting The Word Out

April 15, 2013

Lead Ban ChroncilesI’ve been going on for a while about the fact that very few major outdoors media outlets are engaging in the discussion about lead ammo. There have been a couple of brief, very politically charged editorials, but for the most part that’s it.

The other day I was reading the Field and Stream Gun Nuts blog, and I saw where shotgun editor, Phil Bourjailly was writing about how he mostly shoots lead-free shot for upland birds.  Of course, the post wasn’t about lead-free shot.  It was about the 28 gauge shotgun (for which it is very challenging to find lead-free shot… despite the fact that lead has been banned for waterfowling for over 20 years).  I digress, though.  In the comments to Mr. Bourjailly’s blog post, I asked him why he said he primarily shoots lead-free.

He offered a brief answer, which focused on the reality that he likes to take advantage of the multiple species available on his hunts, including waterfowl.  By loading lead-free, he can legally shoot waterfowl as well as upland birds.  It was a logical response to my question, I thanked him, and figured that was about it.

And then today came, and I was surprised to see that Bourjailly took up the topic as a full post.  I was also pleased to be named as the instigator (although he didn’t include a link to my blog, dangit).  He kept to the primary theme of using lead-free in order to be legal for multiple species, but he also mentioned that he does it because he thinks it’s the right thing to do in order to reduce his personal impact on wildlife.  What he did not do was make this a political diatribe (although of course the comments will go there… they always go there).  He didn’t blame anti-hunters, or play the victim.  He simply answered the question… “why do you primarily shoot lead free ammo?”

One of my favorite sentences…

…Lead may not be a danger to raptor populations overall but for me that’s not the point. The birds I kill I want to kill on purpose, not by poisoning them after the shot. However I try not to get preachy on the topic and am grateful to Holly Heyser, who also hunts with non-toxic shot voluntarily, for putting the issue in proper perspective…

Phil Bourjailly

It’s not quite the high-visibility commentary I would like to see, but I think it’s the kind of thing that needs to keep happening.  Logic.  Reason.  Facts.  And decisions based on knowledge and personal responsibility.

By the way, Bourjailly also mentions a recent post by my friend, Holly Heyser in the Shotgun Life blog, in which she lays out her own case for her choice to use lead-free ammo.


One Response to “Lead Ban Chronicles – Getting The Word Out”

  1. Dann on April 17th, 2013 09:03

    AB 711 the CA statewide lead-ban passed out of committee yesterday and heads to the floor.

    For those of you that laugh at CA and say it can’t happen in your state, just remember….we said the same thing.