Last Texas Hunt – The Lost Photos Discovered

May 29, 2012

So, in the rush and madness, I misplaced the pictures I took on my last hunt.  Not that there are any awesome hero shots or anything, but I have to say this shot of my brother’s grandson, Damien, is a trophy in itself.

At 5 years old, Damien has already taken a nice tom turkey, and I think he was hoping to kill himself an axis on this trip.  Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work out and my brother had to take the only shot opportunity.  But optimism springs eternal in the young mind, so Damien decided to lay claim to any animal killed on this hunt.  As far as he was concerned, that axis doe was his and he may as well have shot it himself.

Well, when I shot my boar, Damien decided to lay claim to it as well.  That was OK with me, but I told him that there’s something that goes along with getting  your first hog.  My brother promptly took up one of the boar’s trotters, dipped it liberally in the pooled blood, and gave the youngster the hunter’s mark!  I believe he’d still be wearing it today, if Scott hadn’t considered the likely reaction of his wife (no sense of humor when it comes to covering her grandbaby in gore), and made the boy wash it off before going home.

Unfortunately, that was pretty much it for the killing on this trip.  I would have liked to add one more axis or fallow doe to the meat pole, but I’ll have to fill the freezer later.  The axis were as scarce as I’ve seen them…

Well, they were scarce until I headed back to the Manor.

A small part of the herd. Click to enlarge.

About a mile from the house, I realized that the herd of goats I was looking at wasn’t goats at all!

There must have been forty or fifty axis deer in the field, just loafing under the mesquites and oaks.  Of course, as soon as I slowed down to take a photo, they were off to the races.  I was still able to snap a couple of shots… just wish I had permission to shoot with something more powerful than the camera here!

The upshot is, these axis were all on a low-fence property.  There are several more ranches between this one and mine, but it definitely gave me hope that I’ll be seeing some polka-dotted deer on my place in the near future.

Here are a couple more photos before they cleared the pasture and disappeared into the woods.

They don't wait around long when a truck slows down. Click to enlarge.

Probably the nicest buck in the herd. Click to enlarge.



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