Kids In The Field – My Nephew (Grand-nephew?) Damien And The Boar

September 9, 2014

Damien_hogNow, let’s get this thing back to what it’s really all about… hog hunting!

OK, so I still haven’t shot a hog since last year (I did shoot AT a hog this spring, but let’s not talk about that).  But while I’m not hunting, other folks are.  Like my brother’s grandson, Damien.  Here’s the story from Damien’s grandpa (my baby brother)…

Here is the run down….

We headed out Saturday, around noon, for Broxton Bridge Plantation in the beautiful low country of South Carolina for the grandson’s first attempt at a wild hog.  Broxton Bridge Plantation offers a wide variety of hunts including upland birds, ducks, trophy white tail deer in velvet(season starts aug.15th), and, of course, Hogs. The plantation also has a very nice sporting clays course and a bed and breakfast.

We arrived around 4:30pm and had a relaxing afternoon harassing armadillos and exploring the civil war battle grounds that border the plantation. The B&B is a restored plantation house that was built in the 1850’s.

I rolled The Boy out of bed an hour before sunrise, grabbed a bite, and headed for the woods. The hog hunts are done inside an 85 acre high fence and are self-guided, spot and stalk.  Sounds too easy doesn’t it?

Well, 45 minutes into our hunt we spotted a group of four hogs and the stalk was on. Did I mention The Boy is only seven, about to turn eight in December?

We managed to close the distance and set up 75 yards from the hogs. I have had The Boy shooting his Remington .243 off shooting sticks at 100 yard targets, so this would be no problem.  We just had to be patient (did I mention he is 7?).

As we waited for the shot to present itself, we realized the hogs were all small boars (50 or 60#’s), so we relaxed and let them move off.  We continued to stalk slowly through the pines and as we approached an old house that has fallen in on itself, we heard grunting and then the woods exploded!

Eight hogs had been laying under the rubble and were now running in almost every direction except ours.  I got the boy on the shooting sticks, and we waited to see what they would do. The hogs ran out about 60 yards before stopping, but we couldn’t get a clean shot. I was just about to try and move us when a couple of the hogs headed back to the safety of the fallen house.

The Boy picked out a nice red boar with black spots and got on his scope, but the hog had other plans and trotted thru his shoot lane without stopping.  It slipped back under the house.   As I tried to think of a way to get the hogs back out from under the house without spooking them too much, The Boy spotted a big, black boar moving thru the woods and heading our direction. I could feel The Boy’s excitement rise as the hog closed the distance, finally stopping only 30 yards away and starring straight at us.

The Boy was on his gun, and whispered that he had the cross hairs between the hog’s eyes, so I gave him the green light.  The .243 roared to life in The Boy’s hands, and the hog cut a back flip.  After a short search and a follow up shot (the first shot went a little low) The Boy had his hog… a 260# monster boar.

Our thanks go out to Joetta and Skeet of Broxton Bridge Plantation for their hospitality and help after the shot .

No, I’m not jealous… not a bit!

Nice work, Damien!


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  2. David on September 9th, 2014 08:21

    Awesome job kid!!!

  3. ian on September 9th, 2014 11:59

    Congrats Damien! What a great-looking boar!!!