Keeping It Alive…

May 29, 2014

Another week has blown by already, and while I’ve had the best intentions for updates and new content… well, it hasn’t happened.  If new posts were the pulse of a blog (and they are), then the Hog Blog would be on life support right now (and it pretty much is).

Ian's boarFortunately, while I’ve been whiling away the hours at the day job, someone is out there getting things done.  Virtual friend and occasional commenter, Ian, got out to some private property and put the smack down on a really nice boar.  Make sure you click the image to see the larger version, to get a better look at the cutters on this sucker.

If you enlarge the photo, you’ll also see that Ian dropped this wooly-booger with a head shot.  Now my normal practice is to discourage this particular shot placement, but there’s no question that it’s effective when properly executed.  In this case, Ian took the shot at around 25 yards, which makes it pretty much a “gimme” with a scoped rifle.  Hard for me to be too critical of that.

On a completely different note, hunters in San Benito and Monterey counties (CA) have the opportunity to enter a drawing for a box of lead-free ammo.

Once again, the Ventana Wildlife Society ( is holding an online raffle for local hunters, to encourage the use of lead-free ammo in this critical section of condor habitat.  Just jump onto their website and complete the sign-up form.  You can even choose whether to receive cartridges or just the bullets (if you’re a hand-loader).  But move quickly, because there’s a limit of 200 boxes before the giveaway dries up.






5 Responses to “Keeping It Alive…”

  1. Keeping It Alive… | on May 29th, 2014 13:35

    […] Keeping It Alive… […]

  2. Cameron Johnson on May 30th, 2014 14:12

    Howdy Phillip,
    Like yourself, I relocated to Texas from California somewhat recently and I find myself going over your posts about hunts from back home to get some vicarious nostalgia. I’ve been following the HogBlog for quite some time and I manage the outreach operations over at Hunting, a tool that helps connect fellow hunters with landowners who offer tons of different hunts. I’d love for you to check the page out, browse around for some hunts and if you are interested, we could possibly work on a write up to both share. Its nice to finally contact ya’, can’t wait to hear back and interact.

    Keep Huntin’,

    Cameron Johnson
    Special Operations Manager
    Hunting Locator L.L.C.

  3. Phillip on May 30th, 2014 14:34

    Hiya, Cameron.

    Thanks for the note, and glad to know someone out there is reading this stuff. I’d actually used your site a bit a couple of years back, looking for lease opportunities in this area. Glad to make contact. I’ll shoot you an email later, when I get back onto my personal computer.

  4. robb on May 30th, 2014 18:53

    I read every post eventually.

    Saw you over at the Wildlife News. Best to take a shower afterwards.

  5. Phillip on June 1st, 2014 07:28

    Thanks for the advice, Robb. I do have to say, Wildlife News isn’t exactly “news”. The Internet… it can be such a great tool, but it’s also a place where people can be great tools.