Interesting Discussion Of Hunting And Fishing Ethics – Encyclopedia Of Environmental Ethics And Philosophy

June 27, 2012

I haven’t had a ton of time for surfing around my blog roll these days, and even less time for reading some of the more in-depth discussions.  One blog I often enjoy is Fair Chase Hunting, even though I may not always agree with what I find there.  Actually, the fact that the site offers food for thought and discussion is probably the main reason I go there.  Like many of my other favorite blogs, respectful and thoughtful discourse is encouraged here.

At any rate, I made time to pop over early this morning, and found the current post that links out to an online encyclopedia… The Encyclopedia of Environmental Ethics and Philosophy.  In particular, the post links to the discussion of hunting and fishing in this encyclopedia… including a fairly comprehensive look at the issues of hunting and fishing ethics. 

The blog post includes a snippet of the encyclopedia entry, but the link to the full entry is where I found a real treasure of information.  However, I had to choke down my initial prejudices to read the whole thing… so I’d suggest that you be prepared to do the same.  Once you get into the body of the piece, it’s a very balanced and neutral look at most of the key discussion points on both sides of the hunting ethics argument.  It doesn’t make any particular case one way or another, of course, because it is an encyclopedia.  It’s not an editorial. 

If nothing else, the entry provides food for thought, as well as a pretty solid grounding in the arguments surrounding hunting and fishing, both on the pro and the con side (and points in between).  I definitely recommend giving it a read.  And if you haven’t visited the Fair Chase Hunting blog before, take a little time to look around. 



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