If We Make It Through December

December 16, 2015

Sorry, Mr. Haggard, but I had to borrow that.

It’s not cold here, actually (c’mon, the point isn’t literal), but I’ve got to say this month is dragging on and flying by all at the same time.

The big thing is this new house.  Pulling it all together, getting all the moving parts aligned, and actually figuring out when it’s going to happen has been a killer.  It’s mostly the waiting.

To begin with, there were the soybeans in the field where I wanted to put the house.  Due to the ridiculous amount of rain we’ve had this fall, the soybean harvest has been delayed all across the state.  That, of course, didn’t jibe with our timing.  We’d expected the beans to be gone by the first or second week of November.  We’d planned on getting the house in place (it’s a modular) probably near the beginning of December.  Things pushed on the house, which is good, because the rain kept the farmer out of the field.

But then I got the call.  The house will be shipping at the end of this week.  The guy showed up to do the initial recon of the site, and in addition to the beans still on the homesite, there are questions about getting the big tractor-trailer rig and the huge crane they use to set the house down the dirt path to the field in the first place.

Before I knew it, I was contracting with someone to grade the drive and build in a gravel driveway.  Meanwhile, the weather guy is saying we’re in for another storm tomorrow with up to an inch of rainfall… on top of thoroughly saturated ground.

We haven’t even got the foundation in place yet.

And the bank book is getting skinnier and skinnier at a frightening rate.

I’m getting stressed just writing this, but I expect you get the idea.

Not to vent, but dammit, what good is a blog if I can’t vent from time to time.

Oh.  And Christmas is next week.  Santa hits the trail a week from tomorrow.  It will be the first time in years I haven’t had to travel across the country for Christmas.  We even put up a tree, which is something else I haven’t done in ages.  This year, we can run down to Wilmington to visit with mom and the family, and then I can drive back to my own place.  These are good things.  But somehow, my thoughts of relaxation, comfort, and joy are getting tamped down too tight to burn.

I know.  Take a breath, right?  I learned a long time ago that nothing lasts forever.  This, too, shall pass.

If we can just make it through December.




2 Responses to “If We Make It Through December”

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  2. Josh on December 23rd, 2015 13:55

    Here’s hoping you get it all in place real soon.

    Also, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.