Huge Wild Boar Taken In North Carolina

March 13, 2014

I knew the hogapotamus came from the Great Dismal Swamp, but this monster from Bertie County verifies the tale.

It’s funny sometimes, how when I can’t think of anything to write about, something like this falls right into my lap.


2 Responses to “Huge Wild Boar Taken In North Carolina”

  1. The Suburban Bushwacker on March 16th, 2014 05:25

    You’d be the person to ask
    Is this a ‘wild boar’ that grew this big in the wild, or is this a feral boar that was fed to this size?


  2. Phillip on March 16th, 2014 08:27

    Sten, the simple answer is that odds overwhelmingly suggest it’s a feral hog.

    Now for the longer answer… apologies in advance for the coming pedantic narrative…

    As you probably know, there are no native wild boar in North America. The vast majority of what we’re hunting (and eradicating) now in this country are descendants of various domesticated hogs that have gone feral… in some cases for centuries. The were left along the trail by the Spanish explorers, dropped along the coastline by sailors, raised free range by farmers right up into the 20th century, and escaped from farm operations (no one really knows how many hogs went missing after that string of hurricanes a few years back).

    True wild boar, on the other hand, were introduced into hunting preserves in relatively small geographic areas. They are primarily found pretty close to the preserves from which they escaped, such as the places up in New York and Pennsylvania that have made the news. I’m sure there’s been some hybridization, particularly in places like California and Texas, but even the real experts (as opposed to me) are hard pressed to figure out which is which at this point.

    Bertie County, NC is not really known for its hog hunting, although if I were designing wild hog habitat in my mind, the Great Dismal Swamp would be a fine mental model. I have no problem seeing how an old boar could become a monster in that environment. Judging from the fat on this one, he’s been living very well indeed.