Home Again, Sort Of…

February 15, 2012

Home to the Hill Country, that is.  I’m back from Spokane, and will be down here for another week and a half before rolling back to California.  I’ll be glad when this is no longer a round trip, and visits to CA will be just that… visits.

Anyway, I left this place in ice and snow, and returned to 80 degrees and sunshine.  Ahhh, Texas.  I don’t know what the next months hold in the way of weather, but it’s sure been hard to nail down a norm so far!  The flora appears to be having the same problem as well, as the greenery is bursting out with all this moisture and warmth.  I just hope a sudden cold snap doesn’t knock it all down!

Work is going on apace, even in my absence.  The fence guys have almost completely wrapped the “yard”, and it looks like they’ll be done by the weekend (weather pending).  The lumber for the deck has also arrived, and they’ve already started setting posts.  I’ve seen some of this guy’s work, and this deck promises to be a really nice addition.  Hopefully this weather will continue and we’ll actually be able to sit out and enjoy it on some of these beautiful evenings.

At any rate, I’m exhausted.  I was up late last night working over some things with my boss in Spokane, and then had to roll out at 0400 to get to the airport.  I know.  Wah, wah!  I’ll quit whining and go to bed now.


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