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January 23, 2014

For any of you who’ve been around the Hog Blog for a while, you’ll notice that my blog roll isn’t very dynamic.  I’ve found a handful of sites that I enjoy, and haven’t done a lot of exploring to find new ones lately.  Part of that is due to other social media, like Facebook, that has really buffered the activity on blogs.  Folks seem to prefer that instantaneous interaction and short-attention-span content over surfing through the blogosphere and reading more long-form writing.

I’m treading water here, and trying hard not to sink into that warm and inviting blue hole.  I still prefer reading a thoughtful, coherent (and comprehensive) post over the rehashed, viral content that continually cycles around Facebook.  But it’s so damned convenient.  Why go clicking through URLs, especially when that effort so often results in sites that haven’t been updated?  It’s so much simpler to have it fed to me, right from my “friends” or their acquaintances.  Fortunately, several of my favorite bloggers are now linked to Facebook, so their updates pop up in my “feed”.  One stop shopping… more or less…

So maybe you guys aren’t clicking through the blog rolls these days either.  Who has time, right?  With that in mind, I thought it well past time that I start to highlight some of the great stuff that’s out there on my own list… not because it’s my list, mind you, but because there is some really solid and original content.

Spotlight on the Deer Camp BlogLike my friend, Rex, over at the Deer Camp Blog.

I discovered Rex’s blog right after I first started the original Hog Blog.  Like a good neighbor, he rushed in to welcome me to the blogosphere, and we’ve stayed in intermittent contact ever since.  I even, finally, got the opportunity to head up to his Mississippi hunting camp and spend a bit of time in the field with him.  But that’s not the main reason I wanted to shine the light on Rex.

There are a lot of hunting and outdoors oriented blogs out there these days, and they run the gamut from original and compelling content, to the highly technical, to the blase and mechanical repetition of news articles and press releases.  There are blogs that obviously exist for no purpose other than to draw in advertising revenue, others that take themselves a little too seriously, and that handful that are there for the sake of an outlet to communicate and have fun.

The 300 lb. deer.

Rex definitely falls into the “original and compelling” category, and it’s pretty clear that his primary raison d’etre is just to have fun.  His content runs a gamut of tall tales, hunting stories, old-fashioned ghost stories, and sometimes just family and small-town news.  There is no pretension here, and I find that refreshing.  Many of the tales and reports are deeply interlaced with inside jokes for friends and family, but even then he tells them in an inviting voice.  It makes you want to be part of the gang… a member of deer camp… with your own, special nickname and a backstory that only the creative mind of Rex could concoct.

Sure, Rex’s consistency, like my own, isn’t entirely reliable.  He may go a day or a week between posts, and you never know what he’s going to write about next.  I’ll be honest too, and tell you that some of the posts are more fun than others.  But I keep coming back to see what he’ll come up with next… and I bet you will too.

So check him out, and tell him that Hog Guy sent you.



3 Responses to “Hog Blog Spotlight – The Deer Camp Blog”

  1. Rex Howell on January 23rd, 2014 15:11

    thank you,
    hope you are interested in coming back for hog camp again this year.

  2. Phillip on January 23rd, 2014 18:32

    Rex, if I can, I’d love to make it again. Had a great time getting to meet you and the rest of the Christmas Place crowd! And maybe this time you’ll let a hog walk under my stand?

  3. Hog Blog Spotlight – The Deer Camp Blog | on January 23rd, 2014 16:13

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