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November 13, 2013

When I was in California, it seemed like every weekend involved a road trip.  I was usually off to either hunt or guide, but sometimes it was just to get the hell out of the urban jungle that was the San Francisco Bay Area.  As a result, my old Dodge stayed packed and ready to go.  Behind the driver’s seat you could find a case of bottled water and a Tupperware container full of homemade trail mix.

There’s a lot to say about trail mix, and an awful lot has been written.  I won’t (can’t) cover all those bases.  But what I can say is that a well-made trail mix is a sure enough blessing for the person on-the-go.  It’s generally healthy with lots of natural goodness, and it’s portable.  You can eat it while driving, hiking, or riding horseback.

Whenever my tub started to run low, I’d stop off at just about any grocery store or even a truck stop and pick up some dried fruit, nuts, and maybe some yogurt-covered goodies and refill it.  Of course, the quality of the ingredients is what distinguishes good trail mix from bad and my random selection didn’t really guarantee any degree of quality.  But when you’re hungry, almost anything is good… and it’s hard to mess up almonds, cashews, and peanuts.

GoBitesAnyway, I thought about that Tupperware tub the other day (I still keep it in my truck), when I received an email from someone at, a company that specializes in “Whole Snacks Delivered”.

What does that mean?  It’s kind of an interesting idea.

GoBites makes pre-packaged, portion-controlled trail mix from whole foods ingredients.  According to some of the information they sent me, they have over 25 varieties of snacks.  22 of them are made with 100% USDA Organic ingredients.  21 have no wheat or wheat products (gluten free).  And most of them are acceptable to either the Mediterranean Diet or the Paleo Diet (if you happen to be into that sort of thing).

I don’t really follow most of the food trends, especially when it comes to special diets.  But what I do know, because they sent me a few sample packs, is that these things are pretty danged good.  Of course, keep in mind that I like trail mix, granola, and dried fruit.  If you don’t, then this probably isn’t going to be for you.

But the thing that’s different with GoBites is that they work on a subscription basis.  You sign up for periodic deliveries either every week, two weeks, or four weeks.  Each delivery is 14 snack packs, each of which is a reasonably good-sized snack (and I have a hearty appetite).  You can choose your own from their menu of offerings, or provide some preferences when you sign up and let their system select the best match for your needs (e.g. Paleo diet, or gluten free).

The price comes out to $1.99 a pack, or just under $28 per order (14 packs).  That’s certainly pricier than loading up at the bulk aisle in Safeway, but considering the quality and variety of the ingredients, it’s not a bad way to keep a good stock of snacks for road trips, or for the trail.  If you’ve got kids, it seems like this could be a good option for the lunch boxes, or for after school.

There is no contract, so you can drop the service any time.  The catch here is that you have to be pro-active because if you don’t cancel, you will continue to receive your packages… and the bill.  Just like any other subscription service, you’re obligated until you formally disengage.

At any rate, it seems like an interesting idea, and worth sharing with you readers (and hell, they did send me some free samples).

Personally, I decided I’d sign up for a subscription.  I definitely enjoyed most of the samples I tried (there’s one, Mayan Treasure, that I wasn’t crazy about).  Also, this will probably be a better snack choice for me than of Kat’s homemade cookies and brownies.    But dammit, I LIKE those cookies and brownies.  Guess it’s gonna be all about finding a balance.


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