Hill Country Game Cam Quickie – Not Much To Say Today

February 21, 2012

There is a small group that's feeding up behind the barn. With the moon getting pretty small, they're feeding in the early evening. 178 yards from the back porch. 😉

Just a couple more pix from the cams for the day.  The bucks seem to have disappeared, but I’ve been doing a ton of work out there with the tractor and chainsaw, so I expect they’re keeping their distance until I get out of their dining room. The rest of the deer are getting pretty bold.

I watched a group of three feeding out along the edge of the woods on Sunday evening.  I have to admit I found myself wishing that they were axis deer, because they’d have been a chip shot with the 30-06 from the driveway and I could really stand to have a little axis steak for dinner before I head back to CA.

There seems to be plenty for everybody.

Back where the second camera is set up, the coons and deer are Hoover-ing every grain of corn I can toss back there.

I tossed about 15 lbs. out there last night, and it was practically clean when I walked in this morning to check the cam.   At least they appear to be sharing!



2 Responses to “Hill Country Game Cam Quickie – Not Much To Say Today”

  1. Arthur on February 21st, 2012 15:35

    Wow, Phillip. I’ve been missing your blog – somehow I missed the URL change along the way – and man have I been missing out.

    It looks as though you have a ton of stuff going on, and I only wish to be in similar shoes someday.

    Congrats on the new place and good luck with it. The new pup looks like a keeper, too.

  2. Phillip on February 21st, 2012 15:40

    Glad you found it, Arthur! I tried to get with everyone on my blog roll to update the links, and left some forwarding links on the old site… but those jerks at Outdoor Hub pulled them down (guess I should be thankful that they still list me as the author).

    Anyway, I’m pretty tickled with the new place. Still got some things to do before the move becomes permanent, but it’s coming together.