Goodbye 2012 … And What A Year It’s Been!

January 1, 2013

I’m not usually big on the New Year’s reminiscence posts, but this has been a special year.  It rates special treatment.  storm_light

Of course, the biggest event of 2012, in my life anyway, was settling into Hillside Manor, way down here in the southwestern tip of the Texas Hill Country.  It’s something like the culmination of a dream.  The place isn’t quite everything I’d planned on, but it’s a very realistic start after several trips to look at properties, compare prices, and get a feel for what it would take to live down here in reasonable comfort (not luxury…just comfort).

Iggy the Blood-trailing DawgThe hunting this year has had its ups and downs.  Due to the monthly travel back and forth from CA to TX, as well as a busy year with my day job, I had to set aside most of my regular outings.  Of course, Tejon Ranch closed to hunting from January until August, so that hunt couldn’t happen.  I barely had time for turkeys, although when I did get a chance to hunt them at my new place, they disappeared altogether.  The Texas drought has worked a number on local hogs, driving them out of the canyons and down to the river beds and farmlands.  On the upside, the work I put in here at Hillside manor has paid off, and I’ve managed to put three deer in the freezer so far.

I’ve made a few friends down here, and it’s starting to look like I might have some new hunting opportunities opening up over the coming year.  Working at the local smokehouse and game processing shop has helped me meet a few folks, and some other contacts are talking about hogs, turkeys, and axis.  Of course, nothing is likely to happen before whitetail season is over, but we’ll see what shakes out then.

An awful lot of 2012 was a blur, because there was so much going on.  Working around the ranch is a never-ending process.  It seems like the list of stuff I want to do, combined with the stuff that has to be done gets longer instead of shorter.  But it’s a labor I love, and all the work to get myself here and get established has been worth it.

I’m here now.  There’s work still to do, but the rewards of that work are already showing and 2013 is looking really promising.  My New Year’s wish for all of you is that your 2013 is equally bright, and that your dreams and hard work pay off for you too.

Happy New Year, everyone.


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