Going Home

April 6, 2015

Not too far in the recent past, I posted a fairly whiny soliloquy about having to leave Texas.  And it’s true, I hate leaving this place.  But, it’s not all bad.  There’s a lot I’m looking forward to when I get back to NC…

  • The slapping of wavelets under the bow, as I point it into the rising sun with a live-well full of pogies and a cup of coffee, balanced in my off hand.
  • That last screaming run, when the smoker king gets right beside the boat, and the gaff is poised, and you think you’ve got him beat…
  • The Thanksgiving incense of burning pine needles and cold, Cape Fear river marsh, and the hard decision to hunt ducks or deer in the morning.
  • The cacophony of my family, gathered together with friends and great food and drink for special occasions.
  • The dense, green air of bow season in the NC swamps.
  • Lobster that was still sneaking around a shipwreck, just a few hours ago.
  • Grouper, that was looking for that lobster, and the indescribable sensation of a big fish on the end of a spear.
  • It is the ocean where I scattered my father’s ashes.  Dust to dust, salt to salt. (And since the law frowns on dumping a fresh corpse to the sharks and crabs, maybe that’s where my ashes will go too.)
  • Crickets, cicadas, nightjars, and alligators… the sounds of the southern swamp at night.
  • The happy beer buzz, the scent of coconut oil, and the burning sun that remind you that it’s summer time on the beach… even as you’re heading to the dock after a long day offshore.

And so much more.

Life is not ending.  The adventure is at the starting line, and the pistol is rising into the air…


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