Game Cam Pictures – A New Critter And Some Regulars

February 17, 2012

Every morning, as soon as it’s light enough, Iggy and I head out to walk the property and check the game cameras.  Since I haven’t got the fences up yet, I can’t leave the pup outside by himself, so this is his opportunity to romp and explore.  He definitely takes advantage of it!

Anyway, we’ve been seeing plenty of whitetail on the cams, and some racoons have decided to take advantage of the free feast as well.  Unfortunately, they only come out after dark, and they won’t stop and pose like the deer will.

During the day, there’s a squirrel or two that will pop down also.  I was lucky enough to get one to sit still for a few seconds while he picked the corn kernels out of his teeth.

There also appears to be a small group of bucks hitting the far end of my property, where there’s a really nice little thicket of oaks and juniper to shield them from the road.  They’ve mostly come in at night so far, but at least they’re definitely showing up!

Here’s a pretty little six-point.

He's got great conformation and shows some promise as a good, natural, hill-country buck.

This little four-point has shown up a few times too.

There may be brow tines, so he may be the same one you just saw. But I think this is just a four-point right now.

This is “Funk Horn”.  If he looks like this come October, he’s probably going to be one of the first deer to go in my freezer.

We are calling this one Funk Horn. He's been showing up very regularly. Check out that right side. Funky, huh?

And finally, there’s this guy!  I know he’s got a little more maturing to do, but I don’t know if anyone around here would be willing to hold off on him.

This is Tall Boy. He could stand a couple more years of maturity, but he'll be tempting for anyone in a stand this coming fall.

Finally, here’s someone I haven’t seen before.  This is a Texas Grey Fox, a local native omnivore.  I know a lot of the varmint and predator guys shoot these things, but personally, I’m happy to see him.  He would be most welcome to thin the local, feral cat population for us.

Cool new visitor.


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