Friday Mixed Bag – Pig Man On Discovery, And Deer Farming “Investigation”

March 28, 2014

It’s one of those days where I really can’t decide what I’d rather write about.

First of all, it’s hardly news now that the Pig Man, Brian Quaca, has apparently hit the big time with a new show on the Discovery Channel, Boss Hog.

Here’s the story, according to the press release that I (and pretty much anyone who’s ever written about hunting or shooting) received yesterday.

BOSS HOG, premiering on Discovery Friday April 11 at 10PM ET/PT, follows Brian “Pigman” Quaca and his crew as they take on Texas’ wild hog problem, building his own “pig empire.”

In recent years, wild hogs have ravaged Texas, causing an estimated 1.5 billion dollars in agricultural damage annually. Where most see this as a nuisance, Pigman sees it as an opportunity, making money off every aspect of the pig – from booking clients on high-end hog hunts and customizing hog hunting bows, to stuffing and mounting trophy boars.

Expanding Pigtime Enterprises’ hunting empire, Pigman has also partnered with local barbeque joint, Wright’s BBQ. At the helm of the BBQ business is Quita, helping Wright’s serve up delicious BBQ to Texas for the past 50 years. Whether she’s trying to curb Pigman’s big business ideas for Wright’s or just keep tabs on Pigman’s wacky dad, Dap, Quita’s partnership with Pigtime has become a lot more than she bargained for.

Although Pigman’s hands are full building a successful business, it seems like most days are spent managing his hair-brained staff. No one tests Pigman’s patience more than his dad, Dap, who runs the Pigtime hunting ranch.

“With Dap, if it’s not one thing it’s another, but somehow he always gets the job done – he just has a unique way of solving problems.”

Above everything else, Pigman has one main goal in life: to provide for his thirteen year old son, J.D. Pigman’s every ambition stems from the idea that he’ll one day pass on his pig business and pig legacy to his son. Right now, Pigman’s doing everything in his power to build on that legacy and take his pig empire to the masses.

So, imagine Duck Dynasty with hog hunters.

Look, while I may not have enjoyed every episode, I’m generally a fan of Brian Quaca’s, Pig Man, The Series program on Sportsman Channel.  When he’s doing what he does best, hunting and eradicating hogs, he’s entertaining and often educational.  He makes no bones that killing hogs isn’t just about sport hunting, but he also doesn’t pretend he isn’t having a great time.  I respect that.

But I’m not nuts about anything that Discovery has applied their sensationalistic, lowest-common-denominator approach to “reality”, spin on.  I hope Quaca and his team will rise above that, and I might even break my personal boycott of Discovery to catch an episode or two… with the clear-eyed realization that this is supposed to be entertainment, not reality.

The bright side is, Pig Man will continue to appear on Sportsman for the time being.

Now, to an entirely different topic…

A few folks on my Facebook feed have shared this “investigative series” on deer farming and high fence hunting from the Indy Star.  The piece purports to “expose” the harmful and unethical practices behind this industry, and while I think it gets off to a reasonably good start, by the end of the last segment (there are four “chapters”), it’s easy to see that the mantle of subjectivity has slipped a bit and the agenda starts to drive the content.

Nevertheless, I strongly recommend giving it a read if you’re at all interested in the topic.  The first chapter does present some interesting history about the deer farming and trophy deer breeding industry, and the next three chapters offer some food for thought.  But I also advise reading it critically, because there’s a good bit of speculation mixed with the facts.

And, in the spirit of full disclosure for anyone reading this blog who doesn’t already know this about me, I am not opposed to high fence hunting, or game farming.  While my preference will always be a rugged hunt in the backcountry, I do enjoy many kinds of hunting experiences, including high fences and planted bird preserves.  But probably the most important thing to know about my position on this topic, is that I absolutely believe that none of us has the right to define the experience of the hunt for anyone else… as long as it is reasonably safe, legal, and does not threaten the natural resources.



6 Responses to “Friday Mixed Bag – Pig Man On Discovery, And Deer Farming “Investigation””

  1. Friday Mixed Bag – Pig Man On Discovery, And Deer Farming “Investigation” | on March 28th, 2014 14:44

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  2. JAC on March 28th, 2014 19:20

    Is he the guy who, with Ted Nugent, shot at pigs from a helicopter? Seems like “Pig Man” is familiar somehow, but I definitely can’t say I know who that person is. I’ll tell you this though, if he’s the guy from the helicopter I’m joining the Discovery boycott, or starting my own as the case may be.

    I just reread your post to see if that guy is a friend of yours and I just have to say, that press release makes the show sound so dreadfully stupid, I may boycott the network regardless of whether this Pig Fellow has ever flown at all.

  3. Phillip on March 29th, 2014 06:55

    John, that’s him. I took him to task a little prematurely over that episode, and offered my mea culpas when it didn’t turn out as bad as I thought it would… but I know it doesn’t sit well with everyone.

    As far as the press release and the premise of the show… well, it’s rote formula for these “reality” programs, and it’s why I don’t watch them. But these things appear to be popular, even if it’s beyond my understanding why. Brian Quaca is definitely a character, and I have no doubt he’ll carry this show.

  4. JAC on March 29th, 2014 13:42

    Oh sweet mercy. I just went to Discovery’s website. What happened to that network?

    Discovery, if you’re reading, I’ll describe the pig show I’d watch. You need a host who’s a professional hunter, for sure. He has to have a drawl, one he can turn up a little for emphasis sometimes, that’s also a given. But, unlike Pig Guy, the host ought to be well-spoken and bright, and almost mythically accessible, the sort of guy who’d have turned down the Ivy League in favor of the open road. He ought to be apolitical yet have iron-forged opinions. And, he ought to be followed about by a loose cabal of writers, lawyers and venture capitalists. If you can find such a person to build a pig show around, Discovery, I’d watch that.

    But the feigned tensions surrounding Dap’s hi-jinx? Hoowee, trucks in a tree dere, Dap. Waaaah waaanh. No.

  5. Phillip on April 3rd, 2014 10:01

    For the record, there is potential entertainment value in watching someone put a truck in a tree. With the proper finesse and appropriate, yet creative, use of language, the extrication can be even more entertaining. But just once. And never scripted.

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