Food For Thought From Bill Heavey

May 26, 2015

I’m not doing much in the way of outdoors right now, but lots of other entertaining writers are picking up my slack.  Bill Heavey, writing the A Sportsman’s Life blog over at Field and Stream is often entertaining, and occasionally educational.  His latest post is a little bit of both, as he discusses how to take a child fishing.

He writes:

It’s about the child’s experience, not yours. You might get to fish and you might not. What matters is that the child enjoys it.

The instruction, of course, could easily carry over to taking a youngster hunting, or hiking, or… well, to any activity, really.   It’s not your trip anymore, it’s the child’s trip.  It isn’t about taking the lunker bass or trophy buck, it’s about showing the small human that this stuff is really a lot of fun.

Even then, though, Heavey offers another core nugget of wisdom.

None of this guarantees that the child will come to love fishing. It only guarantees that he won’t hate it because you forced him to do it your way or compelled him to do it for longer than he wanted.

Anyway, in lieu of coming up with something on my own today, this is what I have to offer.  Read it, and enjoy!




2 Responses to “Food For Thought From Bill Heavey”

  1. Robb on May 29th, 2015 05:23

    Sometimes I surprised and happy to read the essays my kids write for school as they are about camping in the wall tent in a snow storm or walking up on the bull moose by surprise or any number of other adventures. They are however very careful to never write about anything involving firearms. No telling what reaction it would get.

  2. Phillip on May 29th, 2015 08:09

    Robb, it is an unfortunate reality that the fear of guns has become so ridiculously overwhelming that you should even have to consider this. But there we are, I suppose.