Final Chapter In Dan Richards Saga?

March 15, 2012

Just received an email a little while ago in regards to the Dan Richards controversy.  For the sublithic residents out there, Richards is the President of the CA Fish and Game Commission.  He was recently at the center of a great brouha over legally hunting and killing a mountain lion in Idaho… despite the fact that such a hunt and kill are illegal in his home state of CA.

“What’s wrong with that,” you ask?

Well, nothing.  That’s sort of the point.  He did nothing illegal or even unethical.  But, of course, the Humane Society of the US took issue, and tried to say that it was a negative reflection on CA and showed a disdain for CA law.  Yeah, right?  WTF?  How does participating in a legal hunt in one state constitute “spitting in the face” of his CA constituents?

Despite the ridiculousness of the charges, it turned into a pretty ugly situation with several CA politicians jumping on the bandwagon and calling for Richards to resign.  When he told them to pound sand, they started machinations to have him removed.  It was looking pretty ugly.

Well, good news.  Apparently the outpouring of support from CA sportsmen was actually loud enough to make the General Assembly belay their efforts to oust Richards from his post.  Here’s the announcement from the Keep America Fishing website:

The Support of California’s Anglers Helps Retain Dan Richards as California Fish and Game Commission President

Thanks to overwhelming response from anglers and hunters, the state legislature backed off a resolution to remove Dan Richards from the commission.

Your Voice Was Heard!

The California state legislature is no longer considering a resolution to remove California Fish and Game Commission President Dan Richards from the commission.

For the past two weeks, California’s sportsmen and women have let their voices be heard speaking out in support of Richards. An avid angler and hunter, Richards had been unfairly attacked by extreme environmental and animal rights organizations for taking part in a legal hunt in Idaho.

Angler response was overwhelming! Thousands of California sportsmen and women sent messages through KeepAmericaFishing™ to the state legislature and the commission in support of Richards. Many anglers also attended the March 7, commission meeting to provide comment and show support for Richards.

Commissioner Richards recently contacted KeepAmericaFishing to express his gratitude to the thousands of KeepAmericaFishing advocates for their support.

Why is Retaining Commissioner Richards So Important?

The organizations leading the charge against Richards have a much broader agenda. As a commissioner, Richards has consistently voted on the side of sound science and proven fish and wildlife management. Richards has been a voice of reason throughout the flawed Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) initiative, a controversial program that threatens sportfishing in California, and the businesses and 20,000 jobs that depend on it, by unnecessarily closing large areas of the ocean to recreational fishing.

If they had been successful in their efforts to remove Richards from the commission, these anti-fishing groups would have been one step closer to shutting anglers out of more of California’s best fishing spots.

KeepAmericaFishing does not believe the attacks are over and expects that the next tactic will be an attempt to unseat Richards as President of the commission. Please be ready to voice your support for keeping angler friendly members on the commission.

As they mentioned above, this may not be over.  It’s important not to become complacent, so keep an eye on the news to see what develops.  It is important for us (sportsmen and women) to continue to show that we won’t sit idly by and allow organizations like HSUS to dictate fish and game policy.



One Response to “Final Chapter In Dan Richards Saga?”

  1. shotgunner on March 15th, 2012 15:06

    Any word on keeping him as President of the commission? I heard the commission was going to change the rules for changing presidents, solely for the purpose of removing him as president.

    Now that was a mouthful!

    Keep up the good work Dan. Frogs are not the enemy.