Filling Space, Killing Time

April 22, 2015

It’s been nine days since my last confession…

Oh, wait.  Not a confession.  Just nine days since my last post.

I knew the time was passing.  I watched it go.  And still, a week slipped right by.  Then a week and a day.  Then another day.

I just haven’t had a lot to say, you know?  I haven’t been hunting.  I haven’t even picked up a gun or bow.  I watch the deer and listen to the turkeys, but I’ve done the bulk of that from right here in this office, looking out the window.

There’s just too much going on.

So, I figured I’d fill this space today with something.  Anything.  Even if it’s nothing at all.

I thought about writing about CA’s lead ban, and the implementation of the ban across the state, despite the fact that no one can really demonstrate how it will actually have a meaningful impact on the populations of raptors and scavengers, much less how it will actually be enforced.  And I thought about adding a note about how the 200%-300% increase in the cost of some ammunition will actually be a boon to the P-R funds, which would potentially offset any lost revenue from the 36% of hunters who leave the sport because of the ban.  Of course, that would just be a snarky and relatively impotent comment, because, well, that’s how I intended it.

I considered doing something about the impact of live trapping on the local axis herds, but I don’t really have much to go on.  Just fewer sightings in the normal places, and a lot of complaining from a handful of folks who suddenly aren’t seeing animals at their feeders any more.  It’s an interesting thing, by the way, and worthy of an actual article at some point, but it probably won’t be me who writes it.

I was about to try to pull a post together about how all the rain we’ve had this year has been such a blessing, and how the mulberries are fat and ripening, along with the agarita berries.  No mustang grapes around my place, but I’ve heard they’re booming this season as well.  If things continue, the wildlife is going to be fat and happy.  Could be a big season for whitetail bucks.

So all that’s out there.  And here I am, in here.  Struggling for a topic that’s worth the time it would take someone (anyone) to read it.

One day.  Some day.  The Hog Blog will have a new base of operations, and the words will flow again.

But for now, this will have to do.


3 Responses to “Filling Space, Killing Time”

  1. Filling Space, Killing Time | on April 22nd, 2015 14:15

    […] Filling Space, Killing Time […]

  2. Dan on April 28th, 2015 05:47

    Nine days no post dude – what were you thinking?!

    Embarrassingly, I have not posted for months now. Not hunting, not laying a hand on a rifle, it brings with it a small melancholy that makes it very hard to put words together nicely, creatively.

    I’m most impressed at the tenacity with which you attack the blogosphere; you’re consistently entertaining. Give yourself a break, take a few days off. You deserve it.

    Meanwhile there’ll be a few lazy bastards like me lurking in the background, reading.

  3. Phillip on April 28th, 2015 14:13

    Thanks, Dan. Good to see you’re still out there. I have missed your writing, but I do understand how it can be. One does not hunt in order to write, but in order to write, one must have hunted… or something like that.

    It would be easy to just let it go for a while, but I’ve tried to force myself to at least one, weekly post. It’s probably therapeutic.