California Fish And Wildlife Strategic Vision Final Document Released

April 24, 2012

Here’s one I’ve been following, but haven’t had a lot to say about.  It’s largely a bureaucratic thing, in my opinion, but with the passage of AB2376 in 2010, the DFG and F&GC were charged to come up with a strategic vision to address how they will perform in the future.  This includes communicating and working with the various contituencies, enhancing capabilities and effectiveness, and protecting the state’s fish and wildlife resources.

What was somewhat interesting to me about this is that the Strategic Vision Project reached out across the state for participation of a wide array of interests and concerns, and so included various members of the public, as well as elected officials and professionals.  Given the diverse and often conflicting interests in California’s population, I can only imagine this turned into quite the challenge from both a project management perspective and from the point of view of actually achieving concensus.

But they appear to have done it.  To be truthful, I have not thoroughly read all 60 pages of the final document, but from what I’ve seen so far, it’s something that CA outdoorsmen should take a little while to read through.  It’s actually not a lengthy document at all, and while it doesn’t set out new laws or regulations, it provides a pretty good picture of what our DFG and F&GC should be doing in the future… and it sets parameters around what our expectations should be.

You can read more about it here.  (Note:  4/24 – Earlier I was able to link to and read the final document, but it appears to be down right now.  You can still find it on this page when the issue is resolved.)



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