Back In The Arms Of Texas – Just In Time For The Holidays

November 19, 2012

Well, I’m back… for a while, at least. 

With all the projects going out the door right now at work, and the holidays coming on strong everywhere, there’ll be a lot of hit and miss between now and the beginning of 2013.  And yes, 2013 is much closer than some of us would like to think.  If you discount holiday (Christmas and Thanksgiving) weeks, there are really only four work weeks left in this year.  That’s right… about 20 work days. 

The nice thing about this time of year, though, is that there are almost as many hunting days left as there are work days (unless you’re fortunate enough to be able to hunt on work days… in which case, this really is the most wonderful time of the year).  On top of that, the rut is on in many deer hunting areas, or it’s coming on if you’re here in southwestern Texas.   Depending on the weather, the waterfowl should be starting to swing out of that mid-season slump along all of the flyways.  The cool weather should make upland hunting more pleasant.  And in CA, the rains have started and the hogs should start spreading out again as they enter their winter patterns.

Me?  Despite being busy at work, I’m making time to get up on the hill most evenings.  It’s nice to be able to walk out the back door with the bow or pistol, and be hunting within minutes.  I’m still helping out at the smokehouse, although it looks like I missed the rush over the past week.  Hopefully, the thanksgiving holiday hunters will keep the deer coming.  Some nice bucks are coming through, and some are showing signs of getting a little “rutty”. 

So stay tuned.  I’ve been thinking about an occasional commentary from “the Skinning Shed”, as well as some other notes about Hill Country hunting.  It’s also about time to check the game cameras, so I hope to have some new pictures.  After a month of rifle season, it will be interesting to see if I’ve got new deer coming to the feeder, or if any of the regulars have gone missing. 

And I’m still following the lead ban story as it continues to run on.  Looks like AZ may have stopped the ban proponents again, although the fat lady has yet to sing… and of course, a defeat doesn’t mean the war is over.  We can count on seeing this one come back again and again. 

At any rate… it’s Monday, and time to get to work!


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