Another One From The Archives – B-Zone “Spur Of The Moment Buck”

July 18, 2013

I shared this back on my old site when it was fresh, but since I’m digging through the archives and sort of getting a CA deer hunting jones, I figure it’s worth pulling it out and blowing off the dust.  The coolest thing about this hunt was, as the video says, it was a last minute trip… not to mention it was really my only opportunity to get out during the B-zone season.  Oh… and it was public land. 

Something a lot of folks don’t realize about CA is the quality of public hunting available in the Golden State.  Sure, gun laws are beyond ridiculous, and the hunting regulations are being more and more dictated by animal rights groups who have attached themselves like leeches to the political animal, but if you can turn your back on that and just get out into the backcountry, you can still have a really sensational experience.  True, if you want to find the best hunting you have to put in some effort, but that’s what western hunting is all about… working for it.

And while the payoff is far from guaranteed, sometimes it all comes together.  Like this…



One Response to “Another One From The Archives – B-Zone “Spur Of The Moment Buck””

  1. Mike C on July 22nd, 2013 17:49

    Nice article as usual Phillip. Couldn’t view the vid from your URL. I’ll try to find it on Youtube.

    I need to look into public land hunting in CA with more care.

    Called Fish and Game (CA) and spoke to a senior warden last week to help me decode the Lead Free (condor range) regulations. My wife likes to shoot rabbits (all kinds, including the hare, the jackrabbit). I got approval from the state guys to use a .22 lr rifle and .22 air rifle to use regular lead ammo to hunt small mammals. Reg (311). Don’t get me wrong, they didn’t make a special dispensation, they just CLARIFIED the regs. Whoopee!

    BTW, the missus and I like to eat rabbit and hare. We’re strange that way.