Another Great Conversation… But It’s Not Here

April 25, 2012

Sorry not to have a great update from Hillside Manor, or a hot story about the lead ammo ban.  I’ve been sort of involved in a discussion over at Tovar Cerulli’s Mindful Carnivore blog.

As usual, the conversation is exploring the more philosophical side of the hunt, or more precisely, about the kill.  In general, Tovar addresses the argument that it seems wrong for hunters (human) to “prematurely” end the life of their prey.  There’s an inherent assumption that, if not for the human intervention, the animal would have lived a long, full life.  The assumption, of course, completely overlooks the fact that there are many predators besides humans, and that prey animals live in a state of constant danger.  In wild nature, in fact, few prey animals enjoy a long, peaceful life… even if they are never hunted by humans.

At any rate, the conversations get pretty interesting and sometimes involved.  It’s worth checking out…


One Response to “Another Great Conversation… But It’s Not Here”

  1. Tony on April 25th, 2012 15:55

    You are right, and so is Tovar, to bring up the issue of the reality of nature and predation.

    In a way, it goes back to more of a “Kipling-esque” view of a Nature, one “red in tooth and claw”, rather than the kinds of “peaceful coexistence” one sees with Disney.

    Even the raptor advocates admit that they get a thrill out of watching peregrine falcons thin out the pigeons in the parks up in Portland. At least that was the gist of some of the comments made from folks like Bob Sallinger back at the October 2011 Audubon gathering.

    Now, how do we start the process of more urbanites getting in touch with their “inner predator” when it comes to food gathering WITHOUT losing them to what I personally see as a morally -corrupt branch of environmentalism?