Well, I guess it’s time to update this bio just a touch since I’ve now evacuated California and made a new home down in the Texas Hill Country (the southern part, not the fancy part).  Besides that, most of the info here is still accurate.

I can’t really remember a time in my life when I wasn’t hunting or fishing.  I have vague memories of my daddy setting me down on a stump in a North Carolina pine forest while he potted squirrels with the old .22.  I remember finding a stick, string, and hook to fish just about any body of water that I could get to… from ditches and big mud holes to creeks, rivers, ponds, and the Atlantic ocean.  I’ll never forget my first squirrel, taken with that old hand-me-down, single shot 20 gauge, and in the same way, I’ll never forget my first deer, a unicorn, taken with my Christmas shotgun… a used Western Auto Revelation 20ga pump gun.  There’ve been a lot more firsts along the way… waterfowl and doves, quail, blacktail deer, elk.  And hogs.

I don’t know what it is about hogs that got me so fired up about this particular animal, but after some futile efforts in the NC mountains, the hog hunting fever hit me hard when I moved to California.  Maybe it was year-round hunting opportunities.  Maybe it was the fantastic meat.  Maybe it was because I knew that killing hogs was a net benefit for local farms and the habitat.  Whatever it was, the pursuit of sus scrofa has taken me to some great places and allowed me to meet a lot of great people.  I’ve hunted hogs now in both Carolinas, Georgia, Texas, and California.  I look forward to opportunities to get out to Hawaii, Mississippi, Florida, and Alabama in the future.  And who knows after that?  By all predictions, feral hogs will be established in all 50 states within another generation or two.

My intentions with this blog are simple… to share my passion and experiences with you.  My hog hunting experiences have been loaded with fun and excitement, as well as frustration and disappointment.  They’ve also been educational, and I’ve made the effort to learn as much as I can about these animals.  I want to share that knowledge too, and at the same time, I hope to gather knowledge from you readers.  There’s no way I can know it all, but when it comes to hunting, I’m like a sponge.  I want to soak up as much as I can.

It’s not all hog hunting, though.  There’s very little that I won’t hunt, so you can expect to see something about deer hunting, bird hunting, and small game as well.  I don’t do as much fishing as I once did, although that’s subject to change now that I’m settled into my Texas home.  So who knows?

It’s also important for all sportsmen to stay on top of developments that affect us, whether it’s gun regulations that affect our shooting or game and hunting legislation that impacts the game we chase.  I won’t get deep into politics here, particularly the thornier Second Amendment conversations.  There are other sites for that, and they’re much better prepared to handle the incendiary discussions that usually arise in those discussions.  I don’t have the patience for it, and because my personal political views don’t necessarily jibe with the mainstream, I tend to stay out of it.  But staying out of the Donnybrook doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be informed.

One hot button topic I do follow and cover a bit is the ongoing efforts by some organizations to ban lead ammunition.  This is a topic I’ve been steeped in since it reared its head in California in the mid-90s.  There’s potential for this to be a big deal for all US hunters and gun enthusiasts, and I’ll do what I can to keep you apprised of significant events as the issue rolls along.   To be sure, this one isn’t going away any time soon.

Finally, if you’ve actually read this far, let me add this.  A blog isn’t just a place for me to throw my words into the wind.  It’s a participatory platform, and the quality of a blog is as dependent on the interaction of the readers as it is on the author.  Your input will make this place, and I value it more than I can say (and sometimes more than I show).  Don’t be afraid to comment, even if your opinion is contrary to the apparent concensus.  I encourage respectful conversation and consideration of all points of view.

So grab a stump, settle up to the fire, and join the conversation.