It’s funny how things go around.

In 1996, I left my North Carolina home for the wild west of California, lured by the Silicon Valley gold rush.  It turned out that, not only was the job hunting good in CA, so was the hunting for deer, hog, and waterfowl.  It was pretty awesome, for a while… but it was California.  There are a lot of people in CA… too many.  And it seemed like they all wanted to be the same places I wanted to be.

In 2011, I’d had all I could stand, and I made what I figured would be the final move of my lifetime. I packed out of California to the Texas Hill Country.  As a hunter, there aren’t many places in this country that have more to offer than Texas.

But things happen.  Life throws curveballs (and sliders, knuckleballs, and the occasional spitball), and next thing I know, I find myself back in North Carolina.  A lot has changed about hunting and fishing in the 19 years I’ve been gone.  I expect a good bit of this blog is going to end up dedicated to those changes, and my efforts to get back into the outdoor life here in the Tarheel State.

Oh.  And hogs?  While the hog hunting in NC isn’t likely to compare to either CA or TX, the populations here are burgeoning (and they swell with every major hurricane).  My new location also puts me in easy striking distance of South Carolina, Georgia, and even Florida.  Hog hunting remains a passion for me, so I can promise that it will remain a focus of the Hog Blog.

Finally, if you’ve actually read this far, let me add this.  A blog isn’t just a place for me to throw my words into the wind.  It’s a participatory platform, and the quality of a blog is as dependent on the interaction of the readers as it is on the author.  Your input will make this place, and I value it more than I can say (and sometimes more than I show).  Don’t be afraid to comment, even if your opinion is contrary to the apparent concensus.  I encourage respectful conversation and consideration of all points of view.

So grab a stump, settle up to the fire, and join the conversation.