A Salute To The Veterans

November 11, 2013

US_Flag_BacklitToday I just want to offer up my official salute and “thank-you” to the veterans who have served our country through the years.

I know some people think, “it’s just another job.”

But it’s a job with a serious commitment that goes beyond anything else the civilian world might offer.

It’s a job that can, at the drop of a hat, rip you away from your home, your family, and your loved ones.

It’s a job that can put you in harm’s way.

It’s a job that can demand the ultimate toll.

It’s a job that is as valuable in peacetime as in times of war, because not only do you stand in defense of our country against the openly hostile machinations of our enemies, but you stand ready as a deterrent to blunt the will of others to do us harm.

For that I salute you.  As a citizen, I thank you.



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