A Quickie

October 6, 2015

In passing, since insomnia seems to be the order of the day (or night, more appropriately)…

Barnett sent me the cocking device for the RAZR, and I had the chance to play with it yesterday.  A couple notes:

First of all… holy crap!

This thing is fast. I don’t have a chrono, but it’s advertised at 400 fps, and I have no doubt these bolts are reaching something near that speed.  There’s a catch, though, since the bolts at such a high velocity are blasting right through my disintegrating Black Hole target.  They also pass almost completely through my Yellow Jacket.

The problem with the Yellow Jacket is that whatever that magical stuff is inside tends to grab hold of the fletched end of the bolt, and it’s pretty much impossible to retrieve it without stripping the fletches off.

Summary note:  I need more crossbow bolts.  It doesn’t take long to destroy three of them.  I also need a new, serious, crossbow target.  Time for a stop at Gander Mountain, next time I’m up in Raleigh/Durham.

Why Gander Mountain?

Well, in short, Kat stopped in to buy a gun recently, and her experience was wonderful.  The guys in the shop treated her like a customer, not an unwelcome intruder (a la some shops back in CA and TX).  They were appropriately attentive, not patronizing, and professionally friendly.  She can’t stop talking about it, and to me, that’s a pretty big deal.

In other news…

I’m starting to think I am going to need a rifle to kill this 8-point.  I’ve seen him almost every evening I’ve been in the stand, but never closer than 100 yards.  Tonight he really messed with me by feeding out into the soybeans, and then standing broadside at 132 yards for at least five minutes.  This is starting to feel like a challenge!

That’s all for now.

We return you to your regularly scheduled programming.


7 Responses to “A Quickie”

  1. Kat on October 7th, 2015 06:02

    A great big yes to Gander Mountain. It is now my go to store for everything outdoor and hunting related. They have made a big fan out of me. Phillip knows how I have been dealt with at other stores… the best I could hope for was being ignored in some of them, the worst was hearing those tired old women, guns and PMS ‘jokes’. But these guys at Gander Mountain were the best. I even wrote the company a letter to let them know how great these guy were to deal with.

  2. JAC on October 7th, 2015 08:48

    How did you guys make out with Joaquin’s rain funnel? Lose any trees? I lost all hope for the future to that storm when Notre Dame’s offense played like babies whose hands hadn’t yet developed the ability to hold onto things. I mean, Duke, Vandy, Wake Forest, Tulane and NC Chapel Hill have educational excellence sewn up in the south. Why does Clemson even exist?

    Anyhoo, what did you buy, Kat?

  3. Phillip on October 7th, 2015 09:38

    Heya, John.

    The rain got a little overwhelming, but fortunately the storm itself never actually came close. Lots of areas had flooding, but here I’m happy to report stayed high and dry (super-saturated, but not flooded). Wish I could say the same for the poor folks down in SC (speaking of Clemson). No trees down, but a few limbs. My tree stands survived intact, and I was able to sit one last night and watch (again) as that big buck came out to stroll… well out of archery range. I’m starting to think I should have bought a new muzzle loader instead of the crossbow, as it’s looking like I’ll have to rifle shoot this sucker out of spite.

    Kat picked up a lovely little CZ Bobwhite, 20ga. SxS which I hope to see tested on doves in the near future.

  4. Joshua Stark on October 7th, 2015 10:51

    Only 125 yards? Why, one time I had one out at 147 yards, and I don’t even have training wheels…

    Kidding; I kid.

    As for Gander Mountain — when I was a kid, I would wear out every single catalog that came in. My first bow was a Gander Mountain (by Browning), and I still hunt with my Cat Quiver I bought out of that amazing, magical magazine.

    Also, I shoot the Huglu 20 gauge SxS, which is what the Bobwhite is. Mine is double triggers, though, and a more basic model (I don’t think CZ imports the double trigger version). I love that gun; it was the cheapest gun I could find in 20 gauge on a 20 gauge frame (Stoger and Baikal put 20 gauges on their 12 gauge receivers, so you don’t get any lighter weight). I did lose a cocking dog screw out of it, and Dale Tate hand-built me another one.

  5. Phillip on October 8th, 2015 07:23

    Well, hell, Josh. The English longbowmen at the battle of Agincourt started slinging deadly shots from well over 100 yards, so it could be done. But since the deer aren’t shooting back and I’m not starving to death, I didn’t see the point.

    But I digress… (or devolve)…

    The Bobwhite is the double-trigger version, very similar to your Huglu (and made in the same factory, I believe). I won’t knock anyone else’s personal taste, but I just can’t see the point in a SxS with a single trigger. It just feels wrong.

    That modern, aesthetic atrocity, the Over/Under can have a single trigger, but then who cares if a pig has an ugly tattoo?

  6. Joshua Stark on October 11th, 2015 07:26

    Man, sometimes I get a bit nervous at how closely we think of certain things. I wasn’t going to disparage single triggers out of respect for someone having put down hundreds of dollars on a purchase — and I’m tickled pink that the Bobwhite has double triggers!

    If you all are interested, I believe DeHaan shotguns still has nice chokes in stock for Huglus. I’m saving up for a pack of ’em.

    As for the 100 yard shots — I wish our deer shot back out here; then I’d get put out of my misery. Tag soup.

  7. Phillip on October 12th, 2015 20:08

    Heya, Josh. I’m spoiled now by Facebook, because I’d like to just Like your comment. But, since I can’t…

    The CZ came with a box of the standard chokes. I’m going to start out with IC/Mod and see how that goes. It shoots bird shot really well out to 25 yards, but I don’t have anything else for 20ga to test. I’ll pick up some steel and hevi-shot this weekend… it would be great to be able to duck hunt with #4 shot, like I did back “in the day”.

    I also need to set by some buckshot. If the houndsmen run this place as bad as I’m led to believe, I’ll be shooting some driven deer this season.