2016 SHOT Show – Day 1 Updates And Additions

January 19, 2016

Well, here I am, ensconced in the Press Room at the 2016 SHOT Show.  As the week progresses, something in the neighborhood of 63,000 attendees will pass below and above this third floor sanctuary.  Well, it’s a sanctuary of sorts, since only press and our guests (interviewees and such) are allowed in here.  But then, it’s still crowded and noisy, but there’s free wi-fi and lots and lots of press kits, resources, and knowledgeable folks.  It’s also a great place to meet up with friends and contacts.

At any rate, like always, I’m doing a little pre-work before I hit the floor.  Since I have really limited time to browse the 630,000 square feet of booths and displays, it pays to have a plan.  In the course of my studies, I’ve found a little more info on some of the stuff I saw yesterday.

To begin with, if you want to learn more about the new Browning ammunition, they have a site just for you.  Checkout  It’s actually a pretty full line, which makes sense since Browning tends to have all their ducks in a row before they roll out any new, branded merchandise.  I think it’s an interesting choice for Browning, by the way.  I’d sort of expected some sort of merger with Winchester Ammunition instead of branding their own line.  But there ya go… I don’t sit at the back tables to understand these things.

The Browning X-bolt I was shooting yesterday is the Hells Canyon Speed bolt-action.  I guess it’s a new configuration, with a composite, camo stock.  I’ve sort of gotten over my lament at the disappearance of fine wood (it’s still there, but mainly in pricier rifles), and the weight and balance that can be achieved with the composite stocks is pretty amazing.  The 30-06 I was shooting weighs in around 6 1/2 pounds, and with the brake, really has minimal recoil.  I really liked shooting this rifle, and at a MSRP around $1200, it falls in the upper mid-range.  There’s a pretty wide range of short-action, long-action, and magnum chamberings as well.  Of course, retail availability may be a challenge, especially at first.

Just one more note for Browning at Range Day.  I wasn’t patient enough to wait my turn with it, but the “reintroduction” of the Sweet 16 has made a big splash with some shotgun fans.  It’s not quite the A-5 our grandfathers shot, and the lines have changed a little, but watching it at work on the range suggested that it’s probably going to be popular.

Stay tuned for more, I’m heading to the floor!



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