2015 SHOT Show – News From Afar

January 20, 2015

No, I didn’t change my plans at the last minute and make it to Vegas for SHOT this year, despite some mental acrobatics to justify the trip and figure out logistics (followed by a little bit of pouting).  But I’m getting reports already, and while it’s not just like being there, at least I’m not completely in the dark.

Yesterday was the Media Day at the Range, which is always a big event for me as it’s the opportunity to put my hands (and trigger finger) on some of the newest offerings from all sorts of firearms manufacturers.  And this morning, at about this time, I should be rolling out of my hotel bed and staggering down to get breakfast before hitting the first day of the Show itself.

Some people have asked, “what in the world could possibly be new with firearms today?”

It’s a good question, and truthfully, there aren’t too many big changes or offerings across the sporting arms market.  I’m pretty sure that the range day would have shown me a handful of cleaned up versions of older models (Browning, Winchester, etc.), and maybe a few new players. There will be some new optics, some new ammo, and some new packaging.  But that’s, honestly, about it.  It’s been a small solace to me that I know I’m not missing out on a ton of innovation.  Even the AR market seems to be hitting a certain plateau, because while there are still all sorts of add-ons and gizmos, there are only so many ways you can put together a lock, stock, and barrel.

Still, there’s always a surprise out there… something I’d really like to have put my mitts on… like Crosman’s new Benjamin Bulldog, a .357 caliber, PCP air rifle.  After the short-lived rollout of the Rogue, a few years ago, a lot of airgun fans have been watching to see what came next.  The big bore air gun market is coming ripe, as more states are considering permitting these things for hunting applications.

This video is loaded with advertising hype, of course, but it’s an interesting look at this new rifle in action.

I’ve got a couple of friends out there at the Show this week, and of course I’ll be following the wires to keep up with any significant news, cool products, and more.   When I know, you’ll know.



2 Responses to “2015 SHOT Show – News From Afar”

  1. JAC on January 20th, 2015 22:24

    Keep us in the loop. I”m not seeing any news about the show anywhere. God knows I don’t need any guns, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be convinced otherwise by some good reviews.

  2. Phillip on January 21st, 2015 06:50

    John, the only major source of info I’ve seen (outside of industry press releases) has been coming from your favorite blog, the Field and Stream Gun Nuts. Unfortunately, they’re using video reviews with autoplay… and commercials. For that reason, I haven’t watched any of them.

    I haven’t heard anything from my friends who are there, so I don’t know if there are any standouts.