2015 SHOT Show – Links And Reviews (From Other Sources Of Course)

January 21, 2015

My friend, John, asked a good question (and spurred this post).  For folks who aren’t in the industry, where are some good places to see or read reviews of the new stuff at the 2015 SHOT Show?  Now, ordinarily, I’d say to read the Hog Blog, but as we know, I’m not there this year.  So, in lieu of reliable, first-hand reporting by yours-truly, here are some other places that you can find reviews and reports from The Show.

Another of my friends, Eric, runs  As you might guess, Eric’s coverage generally trends toward varmint and predator hunting.  His initial review of the Media Day at the Range highlights several new or revised configurations of the .17 caliber format, including Ruger’s prototype for the .17WSM (Winchester Super Magnum), and Savage’s brand new, semi-auto .17hmr (as well as the ammo CCI designed specifically for the semi-auto action).   I don’t know if he has plans to address air guns in his reports this year, but his site is also chock-full of great info and links for the air gun aficionado.  Oh, and by the way, Eric has a pretty good discussion forum on his site which includes an entire section for hog hunters.  I’m not active, currently, as I just don’t have time to follow forums right now.  But I do drop in to see what’s going on, and it’s a good place to go share information about the pursuit of sus scrofa.

The hook-n-bullet TV crowd has become ubiquitous at the Show… sometimes to the point of being something of a roadblock, as they set up lights and cameras right in the aisles for interviews.  As a blogger, I have been elbowed out of the way more than once when these guys show up, as everyone apparently wants to be on TV… or at least to get their products on camera.  I can’t help but understand that, but I think I speak for a lot of print and Internet media folks when I say, I think there could be a little more courtesy there.  Nevertheless, you can usually find pretty good content. In particular,  the Outdoor Channel has some focused coverage specifically for the show.  The Sportsmen’s Channel doesn’t have a specific link to SHOT news, but you can find some individual posts on their home page.  The Pursuit Channel doesn’t appear to be showing coverage at all, although you might check in to get updates about their viewers’ choice awards.

Ammoland is always well represented at SHOT, and their coverage usually runs the gamut.  Be prepared for a dose of political agenda when you read this site, but their writers are knowledgeable about their topics.

Guns and Ammo is also a regular at SHOT.  This magazine has evolved into a network of publications, each with a focus on different types of firearms, handguns, shotguns, and rifles.  The group also includes the venerable Shotgun News.

Oh, and before I forget, the official SHOT Show site has reviews, photos, videos, and news from the show.  Each day, they publish a pretty hefty newspaper for SHOT participants that includes a ton of information.  When I attend the show, I use this paper to build out my agenda of press conferences to attend and booths to visit.

A fairly unique and enjoyable place to see some excellent video reviews is Fate of Destinee’s YouTube channel. (And no, I didn’t think to ask where the site’s title came from… but don’t let it distract you.) Like last year, Destinee and her team are onsite and shooting live from the event. Unlike last year’s short, informative videos about lots of the cool stuff, these are extended footage of pretty much everything… Destinee is primarily into self-defense and tactical gear, but she generally does a great job.

(NOTE: This is what happens when I don’t preview the videos first. Apparently, Destinee has changed up her format a bit, and the half-hour or longer segments of rambling don’t do much for me… and probably do less for you. Skip to episode 5 in the playlist to see the actual SHOT Show coverage begin, and keep your finger on the fast-forward button.)

Of course, if you’re interested in a specific manufacturer, such as Winchester or Thompson-Center, you can always drop by their websites to see what’s they’re announcing.  Sometimes, though, the stuff they show at SHOT doesn’t make it to their website until after the show is over.

So that should keep your browsing appetites sated for a while.  As promised, I’ll share any news or updates I get in regards to new gear, guns, or ammo.


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