CA Deer Hunters Hitting The Fields!

July 2, 2013

Bow killSo, the A-zone archery season is about to kick off in California!  It’s something I used to look forward to every year, and I expect a bunch of you CA folks are getting fired up. 

So here’s the thing…

I’m not in CA anymore, and my deer season down here in TX won’t get going until the end of September.  I need a vicarious fix!  So any of you CA hunters, let me know what’s going on.  Share your stories.  Send your pictures.  I know it’s hot right now in the A-zone, but I know you guys can hack it. 

Meanwhile, I’m just going to kick back and daydream about the smells of the CA hills in summer… that yellow-gold color that glows in the rising sun… and the chill that flees so suddenly from the morning air.  I never killed a deer with a bow in CA (which is why I had to use a picture of my Texas whitetail), but I had some incredible hunts.

Speaking Of Public Land Hunting – How About Texas?

July 1, 2013

texas_hogtraxIt’s no secret that there’s not really a lot of public land in Texas.  I’ve heard the figure 98% private thrown around, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s pretty accurate.  But that leaves 2%, and in a state as big as the Lone Star State, that’s still a good piece of land.

I’m still feeling my way around down here, so I don’t know a lot about the public land hunts.  However, the Texas Parks and Wildlife website has a lot of great info, including a whole slew of draw hunts available to licensed hunters.  Even better, they offer a variety of hunts for anything from alligators to waterfowl.  Some come with attendant prices, but the prices are really reasonable compared to paid hunts on private property.  There are even a couple of guided hunts available, including one for bighorn sheep!

There are also youth opportunities.  This past spring, an 18 year-old high school senior took the state record gator on public land during one of these hunts.  There’s a great write-up about the hunt on the TPWD site.  I’d always thought a gator hunt would be a high-dollar consideration, and so I’d sort of ruled it out.  However, I may have to start looking into the application process.

Speaking of the application process, each hunt has a specific deadline, and you’ll generally have several options of hunt dates.  Check out the website for the details, and get those applications in!


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