A Note – What This Blog Is All About

June 2, 2013

Sometimes, I think it’s good to stop for a minute, and remember why I’m here.

No, not the deeper, personal existential questions about god and self and the universe, but why I’m here on this blog.  What is the Hog Blog all about?  Why do I take the time to write this stuff, and what do I hope to accomplish?

The Hog Blog is the love child of two of my biggest passions… hunting and writing.  And I love teaching, not in the strictly pedantic way, but simply by sharing information and knowledge… and sometimes, by sharing my own mistakes and foibles.

I’ve spent the better part of my life hunting and shooting, but I’m no expert.  I’ve learned a lot from my time in the field, but I keep learning every time I go out there.  I’ve been privileged to spend time with real experts, and I’ve done a lot of research to flesh out my life learning with book learning.  I recognize that my scope of knowledge is tempered by my personal bias, but I make an effort to push past that to get a wider perspective.

What you see on these “pages” is a sort of electronic potlatch… assembled here is a table laden with all I have, and you are free to take away what you will. Or put in something of your own.

When I write on the Hog Blog, part of what I try to do is offer that bigger picture, along with my own take on it.  But even as I type the words, I’m aware that my own take is imperfect.  It may be flawed or incomplete, but it is always honest.  I am willing to stand corrected.  I intend this blog to be a learning experience for me, as well as for you readers.  I want to challenge, but I also want to be challenged.

And sometimes, I simply want to entertain.  A hunting story here, a shared experience there, a video or an interesting photo… and maybe some of the stuff I always wish we could see in magazines these days, instead of the constant hype about the latest gear and gizmos and how to shoot animals from two zip codes away.  I know I’m no Jim Carmichel, any more than I’m Robert Ruark.  I guess if I were, I wouldn’t have time to be sitting here, blogging for free.  But I generally enjoy what I do, and I hope that at least from time to time, you folks enjoy it too.


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